Best 5.1 Speaker Sound System for low Budget – Edifier DA5000 Pro Review

Best 5.1 System for low budget

You don’t want overpriced products? Instead you want a great sound system for a good price? Read this article and learn more about the Edifier DA5000 Pro!


Many products are overpriced, have a poor quality or are way too overhyped. Edifier is not very famous, but Bose wasn’t famous either in 1964.

The Edifier DA5000 Pro is one of the best cheap 5.1 surround speaker system. Why? Checkout the table below.



Logitech Z906 vs Edifier DA5000 PRO vs Teufel Concept E400


Logitech Z906
Edifier DA5000 Pro
Teufel Concept E400
Surround-Sound (5.1)YesYesYes
Clear Sound-++
Big Bass+++
Price/Value ratio+/-+-

*Clear Sound: The sound of the Logitech Z906 is good for movies but is not optimal for music.

Edifier DA5000 Pro Review

The Edifier DA5000 Pro consists of 2 big packages – one for the speakers (3x12W Satelites, 2x6W Satelites) and the other one containing the 60W subwoofer.


Important: Make sure that your soundcard supports 5.1. You may buy the Asus Xonar D1 Soundcard if yours is not good enough. 

The speakers need to get attached with the subwoofer via the included cables. Make sure that you put the red part of the cable into the red box and the black part into the black box. This will take about 10-15 minutes. Also make sure that you decide which box is how far away from the subwoofer, because there are 2 long and 3 short cables. But before you do that, checkout the perfect speaker placement.


To make sure that everything works the way you want it – use this little Movie to test your system.


I’m using the Edifier DA5000 Pro now for over 2 month and I’m very happy with it. I bought it first from amazon warehousedeals, but they just shipped the subwoofer package – the other one never came. So you should take this in mind if you want to buy it used.

Buy the Edifier DA5000 Pro here!


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